Bruce Whitaker for State Senate


US Congressman Ed Royce

Bruce is a long time advocate for Fullerton taxpayers and he is an excellent addition to the Fullerton City Council.
Bruce Whitaker and Ed Royce share strong beliefs in a limited government that protects the rights of Americans with focus on fiscal conservatism to shield taxpayers from abuse. Royce recently won the “taxpayer hero” award from the watchdog group Citizens Against Government Waste.

State Assemblyman Chris Norby

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Bruce’s actions and leadership have saved Fullerton taxpayers more than $200 million to date. He has earned your support and vote!
For three years, Bruce Whitaker had been the District Director for State Assemblyman Chris Norby. Bruce was also Senior Policy Advisor to then Orange County Supervisor, Chris Norby, during Norby’s seven years in that office.

Orange County Supervisor Shawn Nelson

Bruce Whitaker is the proven taxpayer’s friend and a proven candidate for Fullerton’s City Council, who will press for pension reform now.
In early 2012, Orange County Supervisor Shawn Nelson appointed Bruce Whitaker for the Oversight Board of the County of Orange as Successor Agency to the Orange County Development Agency.

Former Council Member Travis Kiger

Bruce’s votes are made with a fair minded, even handed approach after he studies the issues from many perspectives.

Councilman Greg Sebourn

Bruce’s conservative leadership is just what Fullerton needs. Taxpayers can count on Bruce to bring much needed reform to City Hall.

David Jerome aka Mr. Bucketlist

Yet another reason to like Bruce Whitaker – a fundraising event you don’t have to attend! Well played, great idea! This is a down payment, I’ll get more to you in 2016. Good luck, and as always, thanks for being the only consistently reliablve vote for sanity on the council.

Republican Party of Orange County

Bruce Whitaker was endorsed unanimously by the central committee representing the Orange County Republican Party in 2010, 2012 and 2016. The Republican Party envisions a vibrant, prosperous, and safe California defined by a robust and growing world-class economy, strong and healthy families, and reformed and responsive state and local governments serving the people while protecting individual liberty.

The Orange County Register

2016: The Register endorsed Bruce Whitaker on October 26. From the editorial: “While there are several good options among the 12 candidates seeking three City Council seats in Fullerton, Councilman Bruce Whitaker is undoubtedly our favorite choice due to his steadfast defense of free markets and property rights and his important role as fiscal watchdog for the city.
Whitaker strongly disagrees with local government trying to direct the economy through subsidies or other top-down approaches. Instead of getting in the way of market forces, he told us, the government should simply ‘put out the welcome mat.’
He would like to consider contracting out more city services to save money, although, as he stated, he believes in privatizing, not ‘piratizing’ through crony capitalism. He criticized the council majority for not opening up the trash collection contract to competition, for example.

2012: “Of our three endorsements, the most obvious choice is Councilman Bruce Whitaker. Mr. Whitaker, elected in 2010 to serve out the remaining term of Shawn Nelson when Mr. Nelson was elected to the county Board of Supervisors, ought to be viewed as a standard bearer for the current council. When other council members initially remained silent after the death of Mr. Thomas, a homeless schizophrenic, in July 2011, Mr. Whitaker called for a probe and the release of additional information to the public. He is also a champion of reforming pensions for city employees, acknowledging the council must lead in keeping the city solvent not follow the path of some neighboring cities or the will of the employee unions. We also applaud his demonstrated commitment to property rights. He has been a leader against abuses of eminent domain and redevelopment agencies.

The Orange County Business Council

Orange County Business Council (OCBC) is the leading voice of business on important issues locally, regionally and nationally. The organization works to enhance Orange County’s economic development and prosperity to preserve a high quality of life.  OCBC endorsed Bruce Whitaker in 2012.

The Lincoln Club of Orange County

The Lincoln Club endorsed Bruce Whitaker in 2010, 2012 and 2016. The Lincoln Club of Orange County is an organization dedicated to limiting government to those legitimate functions that least intrude on the economy and the individual lives of its citizens while providing a strong defense securing individual liberties.

California Republican Assembly

The CRA is the state’s oldest and largest Republican volunteer organization. CRA has been working to elect Republican candidates who stand unwaveringly for Republican principles.  CRA endorsed Bruce in 2012.

The Atlas Political Action Committee

The Atlas PAC mission is to create an environment of business professionals that believe in the ideals of limited government, free market enterprise, low taxation, and individual liberty to associate, network, and socialize with like-minded individuals. Through this association, the Atlas PAC supports like-minded candidates and issues through its monetary and political support.  Atlas PAC endorsed Bruce in 2010, 2012 and 2016.

Fullerton Association of Concerned Taxpayers

FACT is a community organization dedicated to free market principles, individual rights, private property rights and taxpayer rights. FACT successfully saved California taxpayers billions of dollars by stopping illegal debt issuances of both the Davis and Schwarzenegger administrations. FACT endorsed Bruce in 2010, 2012 and 2016.

North Orange County Conservative Coalition

Council member Bruce Whitaker has been a voice for fiscal sanity at City Hall. Mr. Whitaker has been one of the County’s strongest and most consistent advocates for taxpayers even before his election to the City Council in 2010. He fought to eliminate the water tax in 2012, opposed the four water rate increases passed in 2013-2014, opposed public employee pay increases, and has fought for transparency and openness in all areas of government. Bruce Whitaker is the rarest of rare birds: a politician who actually keeps his promises and NOCCC strongly endorses his re-election in 2016.

California Impact Republicans

The CIR’s primary mission is to lead the way for the California GOP, away from the use of outdated methods that have failed many Republican candidates. CIR is an action-based group and their leaders are evaluated on what they do to expand the Conservative Republican brand in the State of California.

Robyn Nordell’s Conservative California

Robyn Nordell has been involved in elections and with legal/legislative issues for more than twenty-five years. She has taught seminars on political involvement, and has worked closely with legislators, public policy groups, and activists on multiple issues, such as education, parental rights, religious freedoms, life issues, traditional family values, etc. Robyn has worked on a variety of political projects, including having a major role in coordinating the fight against daytime curfews across California.

Craig Alexander’s Voter Recommendations

Craig Alexander is an attorney who represents requestors of information under the California Public Records Act. He is also volunteer General Counsel for the California Policy Center, Inc. a policy think tank that advocates for transparency in government. He is a former candidate for CUSD’s Board of Trustees. Craig can be reached at

bruce whitaker mayor fullerton state senate district 29 candidate republican party orange county oc ca california conservative white house washington dc endorsement

Nancy Sandoval’s Nancy’s Picks

Nancy Sandoval is a conservative who spends a lot of time researching the California ballot. Because of this, she is often asked about her ballot recommendations and started to record her choices, which led to her site launch in 2004.

Additional Support

William Dannemeyer, Former U.S. Representative
Edward D. Royce, Sr., former Mayor, Stanton City Council
John Anderson, Yorba Linda City Council Member
Nancy Rikel, Yorba Linda City Council Member
Jeremy Yamaguchi, Mayor of Placentia
Chad Wanke, Mayor Pro Tem Placentia / Council Member
James Gomez, La Habra City Council Member / Mayor
Cathy Schlicht, Mission Viejo City Council Member
Mark McCurdy, Mayor of Fountain Valley / Council Member
Matthew Harper, Huntington Beach City Council Member
Craig Green, Treasurer of City of Placentia / Placentia Mayor Pro Tem
Sam Han, District Director
Don Wagner, Assemblyman
David Bailey, Former Fullerton Planning Commission
Dr. Sueling Chen, former Fullerton Parks and Rec Commission

John M. W. Moorlach, State Senator (37th District)
Claude Parrish, Orange County Assessor
Fred Whitaker, Orange City Council Member
Tom Tait, Anaheim Mayor
Greg Sebourn, Fullerton Council Member
Steve Vargas, Brea Council Member
Peggy Huang, Yorba Linda Mayor Pro Tem
Gene Hernandez, Yorba Linda Council Member
Thom Babcock, former Director of the Metropolitan Water District (MWD)
Jack Dean, Publisher and Editor of
Steven Faessel, Anaheim Planning Commission

Dr. and Mrs. Jack Florin
Dr. James Huang
Richard and Marilyn Davenport
Bob and Pat Shuff
David Jerome
Patricia Wenskunas, Crime Victims Inc.
Naeem Niamat
Jacob Poozikala
Denise Jackson
Larry Bales
Steve White
Martha Weaver
Richard and Beverly Gunther
Conrad and Camille DeWitte
Sam and Melba Sparacio
Barbara Babcock
Caroline Andrews