Bruce Whitaker Fullerton City Council (D4)

Bruce Whitaker- Mayor, District 4



Hello Neighbors:


Many of you know me, however for those who do not, let me tell you a bit about myself. I have been a resident of West Fullerton for 32 years. Born on a military base (Fort Carson, Colorado) where my Dad was stationed, prior to serving in South Korea. I grew up in the midwest- Michigan and Indiana for most of my early years until moving to California. My wife, Linda, grew up in Fullerton and attended Pacific Drive Elementary, Nicolas Jr. High and Sunny Hills High. She and I enjoy gardening, trail hiking, walking around the parks, beaches, traveling and taking photos. We help out with many local charitable groups such as Donate Life, Fullerton Cares (Autism Foundation), WTLC (Women’s Transitional Living Center) to name a few.

I have always liked that Fullerton has a small town feel where neighbors can visit with neighbors and meet at one of our local restaurants for a meal or cup of coffee. Many long-time residents will remember back in the 50’s and 60’s there were local carnivals with live bands and fashion shows right on the corner of Brookhurst and Orangethorpe. We still have carnivals and events like First Night Fullerton, the Fourth of July Fireworks show and our Museum Center along with the Muckenthaler Cultural Center where you can take in the latest art exhibit. We have not one, but two Farmers Markets each week! We are all hoping that soon we will be back to these events. These are some of the many things that I believe give Fullerton that small town feeling.

Not all is good, as we all know, Fullerton’s streets are in very poor shape. We have had transient problems in most of the neighborhoods and parks along with the Transportation Center and downtown. Theft has increased in our neighborhoods and recently we were reminded that there are taggers in Fullerton. The Hunt Library has been unavailable to Fullerton residents and their children for far too long! These are among my top priorities and will continue to be until they are resolved. As your Council Member I am always available when problems arise and will do what I can to quickly get these problems fixed.

That’s the latest from me, but I want to hear from you about any concerns in Southwest Fullerton. I would especially like to hear what you have enjoyed about living in our corner of the city. Despite some current issues I still think it is pretty special!

Please keep friends, families and neighbors in your hearts and prayers each day and stay safe.


Bruce Whitaker, current Mayor 2021/ Council Member, City of Fullerton      

Contact me:                                                                       or snail mail to  P.O Box 1444, Fullerton, CA 92836.



Message from Bruce about the dirty tricks the City of Fullerton and public employee unions use to scare the public into passing more taxes. Vote NO on Measure S.
Bruce fights for Fullerton businesses.